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Safety Data Sheets

- Authoring

- Consulting

- Onsite/Offsite Training

Global Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Authoring and Creation services

Global (SDS) Safety Data Sheet Specialists. We are (SME) – Subject Matter Experts on (SDS) Safety Data Sheet Authoring/Creation, Classification, Management, Training, and Downstream Delivery.


Enjoy the coveted and affordable services of Subject Matter Expert (SME) consulting from the creation of a safety data sheet (SDS), and new chemistry.

Onsite & Offsite Training

SDS Author Training-   Our main objective is to share our knowledge by the dispensation of skills through training others to effectively do what we do every day.

SDS Authoring

We offer Global Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Authoring and Creation services. We go where you go and we support 45+ Languages globally. With a large team of specialists, each with no less than 15 years of direct SDS Authoring experience; we collectively saw the need to develop the next generation of SDS Specialists as US and Canada adopt Globally Harmonized System of classification & labeling of chemicals.we brought together technical staff comprising of  chemists, industrial hygienists, industrial toxicologists and other regulatory compliance professionals to author, update, revise and convert the data to alternative formats of Safety Dta Sheets.